Joseph Boccard establishes his domestic-heating equipment business in Villeurbanne, France.


The J.F. Boccard limited-liability company is created.  Initially specializing in industrial pipework, the company expands into the era's most advanced fields -- chemistry, petrochemicals, and steel -- while simultaneously developing a network of local branch offices


Boccard expands in Europe, with the creation of a Spanish subsidiary, Boccard Española S.A.


Boccard Benelux is created.  As a follow-up to the 1966 arrival of a team assigned to the pipework for the Sidmar hot-strip mill, a maintenance contract is signed that requires the creation of a full-time team in Flanders. 


Boccard's Dunkirk branch office opens with a pipe prefabrication factory.  This facility allows the company to meet a strong demand for new products and maintenance among its customers, particularly in the nuclear energy industry.  Boccard simultaneously launches its participation in the French nuclear energy program developed by Electricité de France (Electricity of France) (EDF).


The Audincourt Rhône-Alpes company joins J.F. Boccard.


The company develops a branch specializing in nuclear energy.  It participates in the construction of four sections of the Bugey plant (one of the very first French nuclear power plants), while continuing its close collaboration with EDF over the years.


Boccard becomes an industrial integrator for the food and pharmaceutical industries, offering turnkey facilities.


Boccard creates its new Food & Beverage Division


The company changes its name to J.F. Boccard S.A. (J.F. Boccard, Inc.).


A subsidiary is opened in Venezuela with the creation of the Prefaboc pipework prefabrication plant.


The Boccard Angola subsidiary is opened.


The Agri-Food Division (which later becomes the Food-Pharma Division) is created, in order to provide expertise in the areas of wine, food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.


An internal program is launched for the development and improvement of quality at all stages of each project. This program has only one goal:  Zero defects.


Boccard establishes a presence in Malaysia -- a strategic Asian geographic location for oil and gas development.


Boccard U.S.A. is created through the acquisition of the Texas Pipe Bending Company.


Boccard Entreprises (Boccard Enterprises) acquires Meura, a company specializing in the design and construction of equipment for the brewing industry.


Through CSC (the Constructions Soudées du Coteau manufacturing company), Boccard expands its product line to include storage tanks and stainless-steel jacketed tanks for the food and pharmaceutical industries.


The company receives its ISO 9002 certification.


The Boccard Auvergne branch office is opened in Cébazat, France, near Clermont-Ferrand, in order to serve the local market.


The Tuboplan subsidiary is created in Portugal for access to the natural gas market.


The company receives its ISO 9002 AFAQ certification.


The Boccard Harfleur subsidiary is established, with a plant with an area of 11,300 square feet located on property with an area of 51,700 square feet, including storage facilities.  This new plant gives Boccard a facility in Normandy that can rapidly handle greater amounts of business and organize major scheduled shutdowns.


The Malaysia France Institute, a training center in Malaysia, is established in conjunction with the AFPM (Association pour la Formation et la Promotion de la Métallurgie, i.e., the Association for Training and the Promotion of Metallurgy).  This  center provides training for young people, particularly in the trades associated with the maintenance of automated mechanical systems, equipment maintenance and reconstruction, electrical equipment and installations, boilerwork, metal structures, and welding and testing methods.


Boccard Tunisie (Boccard Tunisia) opens, primarily to meet the needs of projects in the petroleum, chemicals, sugar, and steel industries.


J.F. Boccard S.A. becomes Boccard S.A. (Boccard, Inc.).


Boccard opens an office in Poland.


The Food-Pharma Division strengthens its capabilities with regard to dairy foods and prepared meals, with the acquisition of the process developed by the Seriaco company, which specializes in the implementation of automated facilities in these areas.


The company receives ISO 9001 Version 1994 certification.


Brothers Patrick and Bruno Boccard, fourth-generation members of the family, officially take control of the Boccard company.


Boccard's GPI (Grands Projets Industriels, i.e., Major Industrial Projects) Division is created.


The company receives ISO 9001 Version 2000 certification.  The PQP (Prévention - Qualité - Productivité, i.e., Prevention, Quality, and Productivity) system is implemented.


The Nuclear Business Unit is created.


The Boccard Trinidad Ltd. subsidiary is opened.


The Audincourt Rhône-Alpes company merges with Boccard to created a new entity:  Boccard Rhône-Alpes.


Boccard takes over the Etil company, based in Chaponost, France, which specializes in boilerworks and in the manufacture of skids for the pharmaceutical industry. 


Boccard Shanghai opens, with a mandate to provide processing facilities for the food and pharmaceutical industries, and particularly for the cosmetics industry.


The Boccard Piping Division is created and entrusted with the task of managing all of the company's pipework plants worldwide.


Boccard CSC Argentina diversifies into the food and pharmaceutical industries.


Boccard Hydraulique (Boccard Hydraulics) is opened in Bouc Bel Air, France, to construct and maintain hydraulic equipment.


Boccard U.K. Ltd. is opened.  During this same year, Boccard and Shell Lubricants sign a partnership agreement in France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.


The valve maintenance activities of the Lorens-Robicler company are acquired.  These new valve repair, inspection, and recalibration activities will supplement the other innovative services being developed by the Boccard Auvergne Business Unit.


The pharmaceutical plant at Boccard Villeurbanne is opened, in order to expand the company's proprietary skid-manufacturing facilities.


Boccard Côte d'Ivoire (Boccard Ivory Coast) is opened.


Boccard Colombia and Boccard Thailand are opened.


Boccard Life Sciences Unit is created in the USA serving the Food, Beverage, Pharma, Biotech, and Chemical Industries


BOCCARD Energy business unit is created in USA serving the power generation and central utilities plants.


Boccard served as proud partner on process realization for world’s largest yogurt plant built in 326 days a 200-acre piece of “greenfield” property. Design and manufacturing of 12 high capacity tanks and of the whole process part of this Greek yogurt plant.– Idaho, USA-


Boccard executes the UN Global Compact: This is a pact by which companies are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with ten principles universally accepted affecting human rights, labor standards, environment and the fight against corruption.Boccard won 2013 HR initiative award for BocFollow.


Boccard opens a new Business Unit in Russia and Canada.


Boccard opens its subsidiary at Querétaro, Mexico.In France, aiming at continuously satisfying your needs, Boccard internal organization is evolving to better serve your markets and globally raise our know how and offer awareness through the creation of 4 Business Areas: Boccard Plant Solutions, Boccard Process Solutions, Boccard Piping & Modular Fabrication et Boccard Construction Maintenance